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I’m Baaaaack!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while!

After months of preparation and patience, I could officially say… I’M GONNA WORK ON A CRUISE! It’s final. I’ve been given an assignment, that’s what they call each contract.

When you last heard from me, I had not yet taken the required medical exam. I took it and passed everything 🙂 It was pretty much like a physical you would take at your family doctors. The reason why I had to go to a private clinic was to ensure that I was being tested fairly. It is said family doctors are more likely to let things slide and not submit accurate results because they are really close with the family or know the patients history, so chances are their tests are biased. I had to paid out of pocket for it, $600+ -___________- *watch flies leave my wallet* I heard I could claim it back on my taxes so I’ll see how that goes. 

After I took the test, I received the results about two weeks after. I thought I’d be set and given the details immediately…….. obviously that wasn’t the case because here I am two months later with a new post lol. Apparently Canadians are usually scheduled last minute because they don’t require much to travel, we don’t need to apply for a visa for example. All I could do was wait it out. I started looking at cruises that start around the time I wanted to leave (August) with different cruise lines. Spoke to a few people that have worked on cruises to get their feedback (S/O to Kenrick :). Figured I’d start packing as well since I could be leaving on some ‘last minute’ terms, so I researched ‘what to pack for working on a cruise ship’, all the lists I came across were pretty much the same, I’m gonna be a minimalist during these six months lol. The blogs I’ve read said to pack light because 1. the crew cabins are a box you share with someone else and 2. chances are I’ll be shopping off shore and in the stores on board. Now, the problem I had with looking over these cruises was coming to the realization that I would be traveling all over the world.. I GOT NERVOUS! I could be in Alaska or like Turks and Caicos. Yeah that is the point and it’s what I went to school for, but damn, it’s happening! I just really hopped I didn’t end up in Alaska caaaaaause I would not have been please. 

The wait was finally over, on the 85 coming from Fairview Mall, casually checking my emails, this was the first one I read…


“Oh Sh*t!”

Yeah, I said that out loud on the bus. I had nooooo idea what to do with myself, must have read it like 5 time because I couldn’t believe that email was sent to me. All started to cry in public, tears streaming down my cheeks, people probably thought I was crazy. THIS WAS A HUGE DEAL! I called my mom, “You don’t even know how to speak spanish…” KAAAY THATS NOT THE POINT MOTHER lol she went on to say its far etc etc, you know the mother thing.. Nonetheless, Momma John was happy for me 🙂 Now breaking the news to my dad, told him I’m going to Spain and this was actually his face (o.o) loooool right after he said to take it, which was pretty cool, so I took it! I’m confirmed, got an employee number, hotel booked, plane ticket about to be bought, all that good stuff. I’m set to leave August 7th.

There it is folks, I will start by embarking on a Western Mediterranean Cruise with Royal Caribbean!


With that being said..(click here)..

…keep Cruising with Cocoa 🙂


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