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I’m Here, I’m Here..

I’m finally here! 


This is pretty amazing 🙂 Before I get into my first two weeks here, I’ll talk briefly my arrival; the plane landed at around 11am CET (Central European Time Zone), that’s about 5am in Toronto. I flew with Air Canada to Montreal and Air Canada Rouge to Barcelona. From Montreal to Barcelona the flight was about 7 hours long. The airline did provide us with dinner and a light breakfast for the longer flight so that was awesome. 

Arriving in Barcelona I was a little scared. 1 because I didn’t want my luggage to have gotten lost and 2 there wouldn’t be anyone waiting for me outside those doors. Before leaving the country I did call the the hotel to find out how I would get there from the airport and they said shuttle buses were available. I just had to find out where to catch it. Thankfully like everyone at the airport spoke English ^_^ Got to the shuttle bus loading spot and the bus took me straight to the hotel. I stayed at the Best Western Alfa, a hotel not too far from the hotel. This was booked for me by the company. The hotel was in the middle of nowhere. I went for a walk an was surrounded by pure farmland and factories. To get into the city, you had to take a bus, that ran every 20 minutes. I was noooooot about that. A man could drag me into an allyway and only Jesus would know. Instead I hung out in the hotel, and took advantage of the room service and bar area ^_^ I’ll have pictures posted some of how fancy the room was. What sucked though was not packing the one thing i reeeeeally needed, an outlet adapter. When to charge my phone and was stunned. With that being said, remember folks, always pack an outlet adapter. Luckily the hotel had some at the front desk. That was my night.

Upon getting onto the ship the next morning, right away I was put to work. Arriving at 9am, I signed in and was given all my necessary documents; card, ID key, etc. Shortly after I was teamed up with someone in my department to show me around. First to my cabin, where I also met my cabin mate. A really nice Korean girl, who’s on her 5th contract, the current one before for 8 months. After the slight tour, I was off to my first training session. About once or twice a day there is 1 hour training sessions, all about ship. It’s like when you get hired at a new job you have orientation, just spread over about two weeks.

From training I went right to work. Many people have been asking me what exactly I’m doing on the ship. I’m a Sales Associate, as if I was working at Wal-Mart. Pretty easy. The only thing is, we work everyday, like 7 days a week. Sidenote; out here, nobody calls the days by their name, they’re referred to as the city we would be in for that day. For example; Today is Tuesday, but as somebody on the ship what day is it and they’ll say, Marseille. Marseille, France is where the ship is right now 🙂 However, the work days aren’t long. The shops open when the ship is sailing. The earliest I would starting during a cruise would be 3:30pm until midnight. Every shift would end at midnight.

During the day, we’re off so that is when we get our “free time”. However, there are “Sea Days” which is when the ship is sailing back to the the starting destination. Those days, we work all day, from 9am to 11pm. We get breaks adding up to 3 hours so it isn’t too bad. That’s how working goes, if you have any questions, just ask 🙂

Let me tell you about these box of a cabin thoooooo. Holy shit, dem ting smaaaall. After being on board for a week and a half I got switch to a 1 person cabin and to be honest, two person cabins are better I think. More spacious. The 1 person is tooo cramping, but the privacy is nice 🙂 I’ll have pictures posted of both cabins, hopefully lol.

Now, being a new hire, it’s rare that I get time to come off the ship and enjoy the ports. Training take up most of my time during the day then I head to work work after. I haven’t reeeeally gotten the chance to enjoy the cities we stop in. As the weeks go on, I’ll get to do more but in the meeeean time…

…keep Cruising with Cocoa 🙂

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