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Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Hello hello! 

Its me, Cruising Cocoa, back with a new look and a new found voice. I decided to scratch my travel itch and take on a job that satisfies my hot foot. 

I did want to put a little spin on my blog. It was about the places I’ve been but more on a surface level, like what I’ve seen, what I did etc. A little typical. With the spike in travel in the last few years, especially in solo traveling I noticed a gap. Where are the black women at?! We are traveling but you don’t see it as much as you do our other counterparts, why is that? To be honest, it doesn’t matter. Y’all gonna see me travel! 

I’ll be sharing my travel experience from the perspective of a young black woman, from how I was treated when I got there to how I found hair care products (if that was even possible lol). I hope to inspire you all to do the same, whether it be a weekend getaway or a whole job that sets you out for month later at a time. If you want to do it, get it done. Save ya coins, book off your vacation time, etc. 

The world is your most valuable educational tool, take advantage of it. The destinations will be great so the informative posts would still be coming but the juicy ones will definitely follow.

…keep Cruising with Cocoa :)

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