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Nowhere near Ending…

Now that I’m basically finished school, what do I do now? I’ve got plenty experience doing different things now time to put it to use.

I don’t plan on working at Starbucks forever so I need to get to applying. I would set aside at least one or two days a week strictly for job hunting. From sun up to sun down I would be actively going out, something like cold calling. Dressed ready for an interview with a set of resumes, showing up at different restaurants, hotels, any place that had anything to do with hospitality and tourism, inquiring about possible job opportunities. That, or looking online, hcareers.ca almost became my homepage. It’s a site dedicated strictly to hospitality and tourism jobs. I was doing thee most! I really didn’t want to be one of those people that went to school to study something and have nothing to show for it. Mainly because my dad would shame me lol, he wasn’t a fan of my hospitality career path. Though he’ll most


be a fan of them discounts I’ll be getting :p 

Let the job hunting begin! This started in August of 2014. I had many promising interviews; one for examples was at the International Crown Plaza. A hotel just outside the airport. I had experience working in a hotel so I figured why not. The position was to be a food and beverage supervisor. Anything F&B related within the hotel, their Starbucks franchise, the in-house restaurants etc; I’ll over see wah gwaaan. Let me tell you how the manager told me I GOT THE JOB! Like, I was given an approximate start date. Told my Starbucks manager I’ll be leaving in, what was at the time, a month and some weeks and mentally prepared to jump start my career. Few weeks before I gave my notice, I call just to follow up and make sure everything was set, hear what the hotel manager tells me, “We just had an all managers meeting and hiring is no longer in the budget for my department”. Umm, PARDON?! What do you meeeeeean it’s not in the budget when you already said I had the job? I was so pissed, and I couldn’t curse the man (had to remain professional). All I could really say was thanks anyway and gracefully come off the phone. He must have heard the disappointment in my voice. Shortly after he sent an email referring me to another department in the hotel I should apply to. I applied and all now I haven’t heard back from them. Nonetheless, in addition to the hotel interview I also had a skype interview with Cast-A-Way, a cruise and resort hiring agency. When the International Crown Plaza basically turned me down, a few days later I got an email informing me that I made it onto the second round of interviews for Cast-A-Way, you see how God is good.

I was sent via email a package of how and where the interview would take place. It was basically an all day workshop. From 9am to about 3pm on a Thursday, myself and other candidates gathered at the Royal York to be assessed, one girl even flew from Vancouver. Throughout the day we were doing group activities for the facilitators (there were two of them) to see how 1. we work with other people and 2. how we as individuals handle the given task. Our final task of the workshop was to give a one minute sales pitch. They sent us all example we could use beforehand but I didn’t want to be basic so guess what I did… I dressed like barista and sold a Starbucks drink! Wore the apron and even brought in samples 🙂

the facilitators seemed impressed

and I was feeling really good with how I did. Once every one had gone, that brought the interview to an end. We were told we’d be notified via email if we go the job or not the following Wednesday…


IT WASN’T EVEN WEDNESDAY YET!! THE DAMN THING WAS SENT ON THE SATURDAY!! I was not mentally prepared to receive such good news while casually checking my emails lol. All I could do in that moment was scream. It was just my dad and I home, and he already knew what the commotion was about, “What, you got the job?”. When you’ve had interviews left, right and centre that didn’t result into anything, after a while you start feeling like ass. For this opportunity to come my way was really something. Included in the email was an outline of what I needed to do before I’m able to start sailing, a criminal background check (de ting cleeeear), and a medical exam. Both of those I had to pay for and won’t be reimbursed for it 😥 All I have left to do is my medical exam, it costs a lot, which is why I haven’t done it yet. Once that is finished, I’ll find out 1. What cruise line I’ll be working for and 2. Where I’ll be traveling to for the next 6 months.

Yes, I’ll be living on a boat for 6 months.

…keep Cruising with Cocoa 🙂

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