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Palma City Sights (Pt. 1)


I know its been a while. I work odd hours so getting the chance to do anything fun is hard.

I got to see the Bellver Castle. The construction of this Gothic style castle standing for almost 700 years, began in the 14th century for King James II of Majorca. Gothic style, in European architecture, was the main style of architecture during the late Middle Ages; slim towers, pointed arches, sky-high ceilings, and flying buttresses.


Originally, this castle served as the home for the Kings of Mallorca. However, after KJII’s death, it was used as a prison, first holding his wife and sons for most of their lives.

Bellver means ‘lovely view’ in Catalan and this is something like you view you’d have being in the castle.

Baleares Coliseu Bullring


The ring seats 11,620 in the stands and has 4 boxes.  It took about 18 months to complete and the very first bullfight happened here on July 1, 1929. The structure was inspired by the famous Colosseum in Rome.

Bullfighting still takes place here between March and October. Ticket prices vary, depending whether you want to sit on the terraces (sun) or viewing galleries (shade).

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