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Rome City Sights (Pt. 2)

HEY EVERYONE! Very looooooooong overdue, but here is the second and final part of Rome City Sights. I got the chance to go on an amazing bus tour with a few of the guests on board. Here are some shots of the historic landmarks we drove past.


Castor and Pollux // The Dioskouri

From Greek and Roman mythology; Castor excelled as a horseman and Pollux as a boxer. They were great warriors and were known for their dedication to each other. In one version of the tale Castor was killed by Lynceus. Pollux, in relation to classical tradition that one of every set of twins is the son of a god and thus immortal, begged Zeus to allow his brother to share his immortality with him. Zeus arranged for the twins to divide their time evenly between Hades and Heaven, and in their honor he created the constellation Gemini. According to another legend, Castor was killed by Idas. The Dioscuri were widely regarded as patrons of mariners and were responsible for Saint Elmo’s fire. They were especially honored by the Romans, on whose side they were said to have appeared miraculously during the battle of Lake Regillus.




One of the longest rivers in Italy. It is about 250 miles long and varies between 7 and 20 feet deep. It is the thrid longest river in Italy; the Po, the longest. The Tiber flows from the Appenines at Mount Fumaiolo through Rome and into the Tyrrhenian Sea at Ostia. It is said that the Tiber was originally called Albulula because it was so white, but it was renamed Tiberis after Tiberinus, who was a king of Alba Longa who drowned in the river. The Tiber was the natural highway for traffic in Latium, and provided an early defense against those on the other side of the river, which in the area of Rome runs approximately southwards. 


Palazzo di Giustizia // The Palace of Justice

The seat of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Judicial Public Library. It’s located in the Prati district of Rome. The Supreme Court of Cassation is the highest court of appeal or court of last resort in Italy. The Court of Cassation also ensures the correct application of law in the inferior and appeal courts and resolves disputes as to which lower court (penal, civil, administrative, military) has jurisdiction to hear a given case.


The Altare della Patria // Altar of the Fatherland

Also known as the Monumento Nazionale aVittorio Emanuele II (“National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II”) or Il Vittoriano, is a monument built in honour of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy, located in Rome, Italy. It is also nicknamed, The Wedding Cake.


The Pyramid of Cestius

 A 2,000 year old pyramid that stands close to the Porta San Paolo in Rome. Although its design is based on Egyptian pyramids, it’s steeper and sharper, influenced by medieval and early modern artists. It is now the only pyramid of its kind in Europe. After Egypt was conquered by the Romans in 30 BC, a wave of interest in all things Egyptian spread across the capital. Romans were inspired to build a large number of copies of Egyptian structures. Among the original constructions were two pyramids, of which this is the only example to have survived. The other, the Pyramid of Romulus, was destroyed in around 1500 as its marble was used in the fabric of St. Peter’s Basilica. It is estimated that the pyramid was built between 18 and 12 BC as the tomb of Gaius Cestius. 


Porta San Paolo

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